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01.    Nervous Doll Dancing “Les Pommes” (V/A: The Silent Ballet: Volume XIV, 2010)
02.    Carissa's Wierd “Blessed Arms That Hold You Tight, Freezing Cold And Alone” (You Should Be At Home Here, 2001)
03.    Afterlives “Distance Runner” (A Ticking Clock I Couldn't Stop, 2009)
04.    A Broken Consort “The Elder Lie” (Box Of Birch, 2007)
05.    Smog “Sweet Treat” (Knock Knock, 1999)
06.    Screen Vinyl Image “Slipping Away” (Interceptors, 2009)
07.    Syntaks “The Shape Of Things To Come” (Ylajali, 2009)
08.    Richard Skelton “Undertow” (Landings, 2010)
09.    The Fatales “Violette” (Great Surround, 2009)
10.    Carissa's Wierd “Silently Leaving The Room” (Songs About Leaving, 2002)
11.    A Broken Consort “The River” (Crow Autumn Part Two, 2009)
12.    The Sight Below “Fervent” (It All Falls Apart, 2010)