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Ещё один синтитронический выпуск. Немецкий synthpop и electro pop, финский dramatic ambient и downtempo, американский dark trip wave и ethereal dream pop, эстонский idm, итальянский emotional soundscape, британский geek pop. И прочее, на Radio Cardiowave.

01. Altered:Carbon "Altered Carbon" (Altered:Carbon, 2010)
02. X-Marks The Pedwalk "Satellite" (Inner Zone Journey, 2010)
03. Jääportit "Maa Pirstaleista" (Uumenissa, 2004)
04. Claire Voyant "Broadcast" (Lustre, 2009)
05. Milosh "The World" (iii, 2008)
06. Myrakaru "Kirjatupal" (Tammetõru, 2004)
07. Hot Chip "Look After Me" (The Warning, 2006)
08. Jääportit "Pois Muodot Huuhtoo" (Avarrus, 2006)
09. Kyte "Like She Said" (Dead Waves, 2010)
10. port-royal "i used to be sad" [part 1] (dying in time, 2009)
11. De/Vision "What’s Love All About?" (Popgefahr, 2010)
12. Claire Voyant "Another Day (The Subtle Thief Of Youth)" (Lustre, 2009)
13. Altered:Carbon "Poly-Nemex" (Altered:Carbon, 2010)